Color on my MacBook Air, but not on my iMac

Wow do I like the new Omnifocus! Yes! Yes! And you even gave me a drag and drop calender, great! But why do I see a small colored stripe on the tabs in my left toolbox on my MacBook Air, but not on my iMac? Hm…

Have you updated the iMac OF2 build? - The stripes (Perspective Tab Highlights) were introduced in the Friday 11 April build

Yes. I installed it on both Mac’s on the same day… But in my norwegian time zone, maybe things happened in between the two installs… I1ll check again…

On your iMac go to your Mac System Preferences… General… then unintuitively, change the Appearance from Graphite to Blue.

I ran an update of V2 and then it fixed it! Thanx

The graphite system preference should only affect the toolbar icons. The perspective tab highlights were introduced on Friday, April 11. They can be controlled from the Notifications preference pane. They’re always colored, but only appear when the perspective has “interesting” content.

Currently, interesting means:

  • Any incomplete items in the Inbox
  • Any Flagged items
  • Any due soon or overdue items in Forecast
  • Any projects due for Review