Coloring of rows vs. alternating row colors

In OO3, if a row color was set for a specific level of rows, it overrode the alternating row color.

In OO4, the alternating row color overrides the color for the specific level.

Is there a way to mimic the OO3 behavior in OO4?

In OmniOutliner 4, which has an entirely re-written Styles engine, alternating rows are placed in front of Level Styles, while OmniOutliner 3 placed the alternating rows behind Level Styles. Since the Styles system is all new code, there’s no way to mimic the behavior from earlier versions, but I certainly understand why the change may not be to your liking.

if you’d like to vote for the old behavior, an email to would be appreciated!

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Thanks for the info. I can see why both behaviors would be desirable, so I sent an email asking for a style setting.

Excellent; thank you!

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