Colour picker seems buggy

I’m a new Mac user, so shoot me down if necessary!

When I have the colour picker open, and then select another element that has the Fill ability, and try to apply a different colour to it, the colour doesn’t ‘take’. I have to close the colour picker, and reopen it, then select the colour again. Is this expected behaviour for Mac/Omnigraffle? I’m still not 100% clear on the relationship between the colour picker and Omnigraffle, as the colour picker seems to be standalone.

Many thanks!

When navigating from graphical element to element, with the Fill attribute selected, you should able to to change each element’s color using the color picker. Notice that the Fill attribute stays selected unless you select an element that does not have that Fill attribute (such as a line).

Thank you, I think this was the problem - I was clicking another item that did not have fill properties in between times :)