Column Mapper does not honour duration assignment

Either if I copy/paste from Omnioutliner to Omnifocus, or if I “import Outliner document …” my Omnioutliner “duration” column, does not map on to “Estimated time” or duration in the Omnifocus document. Column mapper shows “Duration - Duration”, but the data ends up in MetaData. The duration formats I’ve dried are, e.g. 5m, 5 minute, 5 minutes, 05:00, etc, etc … !

Hi @chridzi, Sorry for the trouble here! What version of OmniFocus are you using? There was an issue in earlier versions of OmniFocus 2 where the column mapper wasn’t working quite right, but we thought we fixed that in the 2.2.1 update. If you’re on an earlier version, try updating and see if that helps. If you’re on 2.2.1 (or later) already, can you email us so we can look into what’s happening?

Omnioutliner 4.3 (v172.2 r239353)
Omnifocus 2.2.3 (v96.8 r238951)

Just circling back to close the loop on this…it looks like this may be a bug where the duration target field in the column mapper doesn’t work. I’ve filed it for further investigation. If anyone else happens upon this thread and would like to be added to the bug report, please email us so we can be sure to capture your thoughts/comments!