Column navigation

Am I correct that there are no keyboard shortcuts for column navigation? Ie move right or left from one column to another, move to far right or far left column etc…


But nothing that takes you direct to the far left or right column, correct?

To move to the first column, hold down Command and press Return twice. The first Command-Return will stop editing the entire row, and the second Command-Return will start editing it again (which starts out in the first column).

To quickly get to the last column, hold Command and press Return, Return, Left, then release Command and press Left once again. You’ve already seen that Command-Return Command-Return takes you to the first column; Command-Left takes you to the start of the text in that field, and when you’re at the beginning of a field Left takes you to the previous column, which in this case will be the last column of the previous row. (Perhaps you want to use Down at this point to get back into your starting row.)

This is a bit complex to describe, but it’s really just an application of Command to modify the meaning of keys, Return to indicate that you want to begin/end editing, along with the normal arrow keys—so once you get the hang of it, this sort of navigation comes quite naturally.

Hope this helps!

Thanks so much for this. Much appreciated. Now I can stop trying to get Keyboard Maestro to recognize a system beep/ start of row ;) Best — JM

Thank you for posting something like this , this really helps. . . . . . .