Combining columns

I have two columns that I would like to merge into one. They are both just basic text columns.
Does anyone have thoughts on how I might do this?

You would probably need to show examples of what you have in mind there:

  • Numeric columns in which values are combined arithmetically in some way ?
  • Text columns in which values are concatenated together ?
    • as single lines ?
  • Something quite different ?

One way or another, it sounds like something which would need a custom script or plugin.

See also:

How to Merge Two Columns? - OmniOutliner / OmniOutliner for Mac - The Omni Group User Forums

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Thank you draft8. It will be tedious, but I will just “copy and paste”. I was just hoping there was an easier solution

There might be :-)

(we still don’t have a clear picture of what the problem is – what exactly you are trying to do)