Combining Perspectives to achieve "Super Focus"

At the heart of this request is the desire to see what I should do next (and only that), which, for me, encompasses: 1) a perspective of my choosing but 2) things that are overdue overriding this.

I. The Combo Perspective
I’d be great to be able to have a perspective of perspectives. In my case, I’d have one that prioritized things that are “Overdue,” but I could imagine others would want “Due,” “Flagged,” or something else. That would be on top and essentially be ignored if there’s nothing there. Below would be what I’m planning on working on next.

This would be huge as then there’s no switching between a “Due” perspective and others to make sure I’m not missing anything. And with that, I could get 80% of the way to what’s below with the current UI. But I’d also be great to have…

II. A Menu Bar option
(I know there have been discussions about this before but…) I’d like to have the top item from that Combo Perspective in the Menu bar. That way at any time, I can see what I should be working on right now. The “Overdue” part can essentially break through if something from any perspective needs my immediate attention, but otherwise, I can run through my list.

IIa. This may or may not be accompanied by a “Super Focus” window mode that is literally nothing but my next item. I can’t get distracted by other projects, other perspectives, other items later down on the list I might want. This is essentially a “First Available” stripped down view of the perspective that I can enter when working, but then leave when I need to plan.

My Today perspective shows all available due or flagged tasks and it’s enough for me.

I used to want a super focus perspective to show more but I’m afraid it will make the list much longer. I’ve learned to readjust my thinking and prefer shorter lists.

For my highest priority tasks, I first work in my due perspective. When I finish as many due tasks as I can, I go to the next perspective and work on my flagged tasks perspective.

Breaking up my list into high priority (due) and important (flagged) gives me better focus. I should be working on due first and then flagged. Anything that is available but not due or flagged are my “C” level tasks. They aren’t elevated enough for me to work on.

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