Compact layout: displays info on one line w/status circles on the left [Edit: Now available in 2.3! OmniFocus Preferences ▸ Layout ▸ Custom Columns]


Thank you!!! Even in this early state, it’s a great improvement over the 2 line view. If I hadn’t seen this thread (thanks Sharad!), I’m not sure I’d have upgraded. Off to find my credit card.


Spacebar marks an item as compete. That should help till they fix the checkmark bug.


I like the new look of OF2 overall, but the tasks list is WAY too cluttered. I can’t read down my list of tasks without being bombarded by a mass of other information.

My preference would be to have the context/project as a separate column, as per OF1, so you can read down the task list easily and cleanly.

Second choice would be a simple view option, allowing you to disable the second line of text in each row, particularly in Context view. You can see that information in the Inspector if you need it.

Last resort would be changing that second line of text to a very thin light font so it’s less in your face.

As it stands, that will stop me upgrading, and I really really want to because the rest of it’s great.


I also prefer to have the context/project as a separate column!


Did you realise there’s already a thread about this? See the ‘Data Density’ topic…


Link for those who are interested in contributing to the discussion.


Ah, I missed that, thank you. I couldn’t get that thread to load last night, but the title sounded like a spacing issue.


I think the issue discussed in the other thread is different. While user over there are asking for an even denser view with less whitespace, vbampton and I think that it’s distracting to have two rows for each task because that makes it harder to quickly scan information of one type, as the second line creates visual barriers between the tasks. In other words, while the main issue in the other thread is having too little information per screen, we criticize its structure.

One suggestion I sent to the OF2 feedback email was to hide start / deferred dates from the past in context mode as they are only helpful when planning and not so much when doing. If you rely on deferred dates a lot, that cleans up context views considerably.

If we had that option, it would change context modes from this to that. If you like the idea, you could submit it too. ;)


[quote=“frevo, post:6, topic:93”]it’s distracting to have two rows for each task because that makes it harder to quickly scan information of one type, as the second line creates visual barriers between the tasks.

Yep, you’ve nailed it. Visual barrier is a very good way of putting it.


I agree. I’ll submit a request.


This is a really good way of explaining another problem with the new task list view.


+1 for me as well. One of the things I love about Omnifocus 1 is the ability to strip a perspective down to the raw essentials. Even the notes button is over on the right and only opens if necessary. Something like that as a way to view the second line would work well, perhaps putting the small notes icon on the left


I’d love to be able to get down to a single line for tasks, and add columns for things like Estimated Time, Notes, Due Dates Projects.

When you have a 24" monitor, OF 2 wastes a lot of space horizontally which could be better used.


Can’t help you with the columns, but here’s how to get the task to a single line:

Enter this URL in Safari: omnifocus:///change-preference?ContentLayout=compact and then restart the app.

To go back, enter omnifocus:///change-preference?ContentLayout



Perfect. You read my mind re: this feature. Please embed this into the next release as soon as possible.

Thank you


+1, thank you very much. Love this compact view! Just need some final touches, as several users pointed out.


I . . . 325th(?) this comment. I love, love, love the compact view. Just needs the bugs worked out (especially the lack of due/defer on quick entry - or am I just messing that up?). Anyhow, keep up the good work!


May want to note you can only do this in Safari. At least it didn’t work for me in chrome.


Thank you, this is a huge improvement.


This is a very nice visual feature but I still need to be able to modify columns in custom perspectives.

For example if I would like to review all completed tasks last week I get this massive list of everything completed last week. I have to select a row to get the inspector to come up to determine which day I completed the row. This doesn’t scale.

I don’t like the direction Omnigroup is going with OmniFocus. You’re taking away our ability to customize the software. If we purchase the professional version we should be able to customize everything to suit our specific needs.