"Complete With Last Action" default?

Did OF3 change the default on Complete With Last Action? I remember either it was something I could control or it defaulted to be on in previous versions. It’s totally driving me nuts right now that none of my projects are ever finished. Why? Because none of them have Complete with last action checked and I never ever think to turn it on when creating projects (because it always started that way for the past many years I used OF). This is even worse when I have groupings, because none of those have Complete with last action turned on either.

Is there some kind of secret, hidden option to turn this on by default? Rarely do I not want it turned on. Did I mention it’s driving me crazy?

I’m finding that new items default to ‘Close on last’ and need to be toggled ‘off’. So the default does seem to be to close out the project when the last task is completed.

You used to be able to toggle it across the db with this:


Add ‘yes’ for enable and ‘no’ for disable [should still work!]

I do not know where the setting is or can be changed in the interface


Interesting. Mine is definitely set so that it’s “off” by default.

However, the “secret” setting that @Janov posted worked! I have canceled my appointment with my therapist now that it will no longer drive me nuts.

Thanks, @Janov and @scrooks. Always good to know a little code.

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