Completed date on iOS

One thing I find myself running back to OmniFocus Mac for is to enter a completion date for a task.

I find I will be using OmniFocus on my iPad, see an action I did this morning or last night, want to enter the approximate time of completion. But since I can’t enter the completion date on the iPad, I don’t check the item off. I wait until I’m at my Mac to do so.

(I realize it may be somewhat overzealous of me to want to record something close to the correct completion date/time.)

This ends up being a fairly big impediment to doing something like a day-end review on my iPad. I have to be at my Mac to set the completion date for actions. It also makes me revisit the same ‘done’ item more than once.

I have filed feedback, but was wondering if I’m the only one who wishes this piece of functionality was on iOS - and hoping it might get added to a dot release of OF 3 for iOS.


I don’t think you’re alone, James. 😉

I was thinking about this the other day when I was customizing the inspector: if I were using an iPhone 5-sized screen, I’d appreciate the opportunity to hide things in the inspector, but for any screens bigger than that (particularly 6/7/8 Plus, X, or iPad sizes), there doesn’t seem to be a constraint for room for data. I’d love to see Completed Date surfaced here.



I’ve been asking for this since OF2 and was hugely disappointed it wasn’t adopted in version 3. My iPad would be perfect for weekly review but I’m tethered to my iMac until this small amendment is made.

Without the ability to amend completion date the Completed Perspective is useless as a work record. Come on Omnigroup, step up!

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I have same need and made a feature request. Frankly, every data should be available across platforms.


I would like this capability as well

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As of OmniFocus 3.4 for iOS we’ve now added the ability to view and edit the Completed date. Couple of things to note about this:

  • The Completed field will only appear after an item is completed
  • The Completed isn’t one of the default fields that is shown so you will need to tap Show More at the bottom of the Inspector to see it along with any other fields that are hidden by default
  • If you wish to have the Completed field show up by default (when an item is completed), then you can tap Customize Inspector, and reposition the Completed field to be something that is always shown.