Completed Items Appearing in Flagged Menu

This afternoon my OmniFocus for iOS suddenly put all completed items from the past month in the “Flagged” menu. They are checked-off (grayed out and with a strike-through), but are so many that I can’t find the ones I’ve flagged for today and have yet to complete. On my Mac I know how to change the view to eliminate completed items, but I can’t find a way to do this on my iPhone (iPhone 5s, by the way). My app is up to date with version 2.9. Any suggestions on how to get rid of these completed items? I know I can delete them individually, but that is a time-consuming process and I don’t know why they showed up in the first place.

Sorry for the trouble! On iPhone, you can change view settings by scrolling to the very top of a list, then scrolling up even further to reveal the Secret Bar. The center button in that bar should be View; tapping that button will let you pick from the usual Available, Remaining, or All options.

If the view isn’t set to All, we’d be curious to hear more about this situation – if you could send an email to our support team, we can help diagnose the problem and get OmniFocus back in a better state.

Thank you! I didn’t know how to access that View option - that fixed it. Not sure why it changed without me making the adjustment in the first place, but it’s back to normal now. Thanks again!