Completed items do not background sync on iOS?

Hi everyone -

During the day I am running OF on my MacBook Pro and checking off tasks throughout the day (well, at least that’s the usual hope and plan!). End of the day rolls around, I am on my home and end up getting notifications to my iPhone and/or watch about tasks that still need to be complete. However, these are tasks that I actually completed throughout the day. For example, if I had a task to take the garbage out today with a due date time of 5 pm, but completed the task and checked it off on my MacBook Pro at 1 pm, I still get the notification on my iOS devices at 5 pm to complete the item.

So I am guessing that tasks completed on my computer do not get pushed to my iOS devices until I open an iOS device and force a sync.

Is that right?

Thanks in advance.


When you complete an item, OmniFocus sends an immediate “push” notification to your other devices to tell them to sync, but Apple doesn’t guarantee delivery of those notifications. (They seem pretty reliable when your devices are awake and on Wi-Fi, but phones in particular might not be constantly online since using the radio burns through your battery life.) To see a detailed log of when your device has been syncing, open its Sync Log. On iOS, that’s in Settings > Last Synced. On Mac, that’s in Preferences > Sync > Show Sync Details > Log.

That said, what you might be seeing is a different problem, where your data is synced in a timely manner but local device notifications that have already been scheduled aren’t being updated to reflect your synced changes. We’re redesigning our notification architecture to be more flexible right now, and I think the new system is designed to address this problem of out-of-date notifications.

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Thanks for the detailed reply Ken, I really appreciate it.

I’ve reviewed the logs and see the times everything is synched. Will look over the next few days to see how they react and if it is more of the second issue you are describing below.

Your support staff is great - but what other company out there has the CEO responding to forum messages. This is just one reason why you keep getting my money year over year.