Completed Projects Show as Overdue

I am not sure if this is considered a bug or maybe I am using this incorrectly.

I have a few projects that are assigned a due date, in this example, these are trips or events that happen on a specific date so I want that to be denoted on the project itself, not the items.

When I complete the project, meaning all items underneath it where completed early or on time, it still shows a little red “1” on my navigation panel (see screenshot.)


I tried searching but perhaps I was unable to come up with the correct search terms to remedy this anomaly!

Any help appreciated!

Do you have “Complete with last action” on the containing group?

Yes, I do have that checked! I played with it and it doesn’t seem to have made a difference.

Hmm… I am curious to hear what the answer is now. For one of the items (like the Maldives 2018) would you do a screen shot showing items expanded under it and maybe some of the items from the Inspector?

Which navigation screen is this? It looks like the Project but not sure? Or is this a Pro version and a custom Perspective?

Seems like a straightforward bug to me (Can easily reproduce by setting Projects to show All, creating a project with a due date in the past, and setting it’s status to Completed). It only seems to happen if the due date is on the project itself.

Be sure to email it in if you haven’t already!

I only get that to happen if the completed date doesn’t get added. Every time I click on “Completed” - or complete the sub-task, a completion date gets added and the project disappears from the Forecast. Is that not happening for you?

Should eMail either way since the behavior is not consistent. FWIW, I am using MacOS 10.13.6 with OF 3.4.2 (v128.14 r336189)

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