Completed tasks gone?


I marked three tasks completed 4/5 weeks ago and they showed up in the completed perspective since.

I marked a new one today and I notice that my 3 previous completed tasks are gone from the co.mpleted perspective.

Are completed tasks deleted after a month or so from OF. ??


No, unless you used the “move old data to archive” functionality?

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Hi CatOne,

Thanks for the answer. I don’t even know about the “move old data to archive” functionality.

I looked to the preferences hoping I found why my previous 3 completed tasks where deleted but found nothing. I really wonder what happened to those tasks.

I thought I could use OF completed perspective to create a log of what I have accomplished but I can’t go this way if my tasks disappear without me understanding why!

I revised my projects this weekend. I wonder if this could explain why my completed tasks have gone away.

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