Complex object--> lag and the spinning wheel of death

I’ve created a complex object that my computer seems to absolutely hate. Anytime I try to click it or move it I get the spinning wheel for 15-20s, completely impeding my workflow.

It’s basically a large honeycomb grid made up of tiny hexagons. To construct, I’ve subtracted about 2500 of the small hexagon shapes from a large rectangle, creating a honeycomb-fence effect.

I understand that’s a ton of information for the program to process, so I’m wondering if OmniGraffle has a “compress” feature…something similar to the “flatten” action of Photoshop, where it can minimize the information about a particular object for better packaging and handling.

Additionally, I’m also open to recommendations for alternative construction methods. I’m unclear on the levels of complexity between the Omnigraffle tools. Perhaps different tools/methods of construction have varying degrees of taxation on the program.

(note: this is in fact a CPU issue. According to my Activity Monitor, OG actually goes full “(Not Responding)” during the lag, and completely maxes out my CPU. And yes, with an Intel Core i7).

I’m curious if you convert your honeycomb grid into a Bézier shape if OmniGraffle would perform better. The easiest way to convert it would be to use the Point Editor tool to add a new point somewhere on the shape then delete that point. You should see the name of the shape in the left sidebar switch from Custom to Bézier.

Let us know if it works!