Complex Project Best Practices?

When using OmniPlanPro3 with a complex project like moving to another continent, are there advantages to keeping it one big project? Or is it more effective to break it down into smaller projects like

Sell House
Prepare to Move
Travel to New Country
Move into House

And then manage them all using the dashboard?

How complex does a project need to get before you break it into separate projects?

There isn’t a lot of difference unless there are any dependencies between the projects. As a rule of thumb, interdependencies pus you in the direction of a single project.

In your case, there might be overlap and dependencies between the first two - you can start preparing to move before the sale’s completed, but there are some actions you couldn’t initiate or complete. There’s nothing between projects 2,3 and 4, so you can do it either way.

My personal preference would be to make them a single project. If I was trying to track on iPhone or iPad, where I can’t see as much info, I might be inclined to split them in to 2 projects (combining your first two)