Concerns about OF4 Perspectives

I live in Perspectives in OF3 and recently decided to give OF4 a try. I was horrified to find that I could not even find perspectives in OF4. There does not seem to be a homescreen any more where I can navigate to each one. This seems to be a MAJOR step backwards. What am I missing?

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Are you referring to the iOS app on phone or iPad? They are at the bottom and you can customize which ones are there. They are visible as icons not names now. I LOVE it and think it is a HUGE improvement especially on the phone.

I recently posted a Progress Update: OmniFocus 4 for iPhone and iPad (complete with some short demo videos) on my Learn OmniFocus Blog that includes a section on perspectives:

To add to what @ivanjay205 shared, favourited perspectives appear along the bottom of the screen on an iPhone and along the left on an iPad (assuming there’s enough space). You can optionally turn on perspective labels and can control which perspectives are displayed using quick open.

The advantage of this approach is that you can have one-tap access to your favourite perspectives at all times. And less frequently used perspectives can easily be summoned using quick open.


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