Confused about repeating tasks upon completion

I’m using OF3 for the Mac and I want to create a group of tasks that repeats upon completion and is not deferred or due. What has me confused is the repeat interface of the group task inspector forces me to choose a repeat time which makes no sense since I don’t care about due/defer dates, I just want a new, available group task to appear once the last subtask in the current group task is complete. Am I missing something?

You could set the action group to Repeat Every 1 Minute from the item’s Completion. A defer date would still be inserted each time, but you’d only be waiting a minute for the actions to become available.


Thanks for the tip. I ended up trying that to get the effect I wanted. In the long term the OF devs need to give more thought to the repeat interface so creating the kind of repeating task I described is much more straightforward.

You’re welcome. If you haven’t already, I encourage you to email your feedback to the Omni Group, either by choosing Contact Omni from the Help menu or emailing them at

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