Constraints in iOS OmniPlan

Hi, Is there an easy way to turn off constraints? And is they instruction guide to understand them better? I change my plan, or elements, several times a day, and much of the time I am blocked from moving things by restraints (so, I give up because it’s taking too long to figure out how to fix). Many times I turn off the restraint for a task, and it suddenly jumps to a new location. I’m basically using it as a simple timeline to plan projects or my day, so the constraints are more frustrating than helpful. I wouldn’t mind if you added a preference setting to turn off the advanced features for the plans we don’t need them for. Your app works great in the iOS 11 beta 4, btw, better than some of Apple’s apps.

@rpphoto Sorry for the trouble! It sounds like you might be looking to disable OmniPlan’s automatic scheduling functionality entirely, not just task date constraints. Task start/end constraints are just one of the many variable inputs that help OmniPlan create a project schedule - OmniPlan also looks at resource availability, dependencies between tasks, and task priority when generating a project task schedule. It’s not currently possible to disable OmniPlan’s automatic scheduling functionality, but if this would be helpful in your workflow I’d be happy to file a feature request for this option in our development database!