Context conflict: agenda / communication

hey there!

I became crazy while using context’s called “agenda” and “communication:email/phone”.

For example: I have to talk with Joe about the stuff xy. (context agenda)

But for now I have to call joe: when I’m out of office the action “call joe” is not in my context “phone”.

How do you use a email or phone context and the “agenda” context simultaneously? (I prefer using a today perspective)

Would it work better for you if you collected the subjects of discussion in “agenda” and then put “call Joe” in “phone” as a trigger to call him and discuss the agenda items?

In the same way that when you have a meeting with joe on your calendar, you look at his agenda list to make sure you discuss the right things?


the agenda depends on the project we’re working on - from time to time. Maybe I just want to tell him something via mail. Well, this practice with a trigger takes to much time.

I need a way to see all tasks “with joe” in one screen while having different tasks for joe in separates contexts like “mail”, “phone”.

So many people working with agenda and also email context. How do they get it work?

There is a conflict between agenda and email. I need to communicate (phone/mail) my people to process my agenda