Context Perspectives not restoring entire sidebar selection [Fixed in current builds]

I’ve been seeing this since build OmniFocus-2-r206333-Test.dmg.

Essentially if I have a context perspective that has multiple contexts selected, when I flip away and then back to the perspective it only restores the first context.

So if my sidebar selection is:

  • A
  • B
  • C

Only A is selected when I open the perspective.

If I re-install r206333 it becomes fixed again.

Anyone else seen this or have a work-around? I’d quite like to use a more recent build.

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I have the same issue (and it also worked for me with previous builds), no workarounds though unfortunately. Would also love one!

I have the same issue as well.

Omni, you can remove or merge my thread. I posted shortly after not knowing this thread already exists. Perspectives - Sidebar Selection Not Working

I also have this issue, and I’ve reported it.

I’m having the same issue, also reported it.

This should be fixed in the next build (r206604 or later). Thanks for reporting the issue!

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Just tried it out, all fixed. Thx!