Contexts problem in a perspective

I am not very sure is it a bug or a feature or the wrong operation of mine. So I hope someone could help me.

The problem is that, when I create a perspective and the filter like this:

In my mind, the result should NOT show the contexts which are included in the things which are NOT under the folder Work.
But I am wrong.
The result show all of the contexts which were include in the things fit the Filtering no mater whether it was under the Folder Work or not.

For much more easy to understand, I will give an easy procedure to show the problem.
This is my Project Menu:

|--Project 1
    |---Things 1(with the context "abc")
    |---Things 2(with the context "abc" and "bcd")  
|--Project 2

|--Project 3
|--Project 4
    |--Things 10(with the context "notshow1")
    |--Things 11(with the context "notshow2")

If the Things 1, Things 2 and Things 10 all fit the Filtering in the Perspective, and I focus on the Work folder, the Perspective should show the contexts like this:

@No Contetxt

Although there should nothing in the @notshow1 and will never has anything in it, the @notshow1 will be there all of the time.

I am sure the things in Work folder will never has the contexts notshow1.

I hope I describe the phenomenon cleanly.

So my question are:

  1. Is it a bug or something else?
  2. Is there any method to hide the contexts/project which has nothing in it when I click the Perspective?

I think you probably want the hidden preference to hide empty contexts.

Thanks a lot for your help. It is what I really needed.

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