Controlling scaling for Grouped Objects?

Hi all,

I’m reasonably new to Omnigraffle, but i have read the (simple) documentation and watched the (now somewhat outdated) videos - as well as google’ing as best i can while not knowing how best to express what i’m trying to do.
I have reasonable amount of Visio experiences from a while back.

I need to create some complex objects that will be reused a fair amount. These objects have the same basic structure, but will have differing sizes depending on text content and other factors.
I have created the objects using basic shapes and group them together to form a single unit. For now, I copy and paste this around and connect them up as needed…
…but when i scale them, they distort something horrible.

How do I control how the group objects scale?

i tried with some of the native objects and stencils. The arrow connector works well but, for instance, most elements from the templates scale like pants. (see the drop-down box above)

I’m looking for something almost like in Interface Builder’s Layout & Scaling inspector.

Any ideas?



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