Controlling settings via URL

Is there a list of settings that are controlled via URL? For example, here is a link to set default due time: omnifocus:///change-setting?DefaultDueTime=23:55

Looking for the rest.

If I don’t hear from tech support, will call them and post the response here. I think this is very useful bit of info and warrants digging around.

This article is from 2012. I haven’t really tested it out but it might be interesting to look at:

Thank you! This is definitely a solid start. Still waiting on exhaustive list from official Omni source.

No response from Omni staff? Calling tech support in a few days then…

You should not expect them to reply to support requests here.
I suggest you send an email (address available inside the apps via Contact Omni) ;-)

It seems like the only URL scheme here is the Omnifocus:///add? with different Launch Center Pro additions after that. I know that OF has other URL Schemes - it would be cool to know about.

Thanks you for this - I have been wondering how to change the default due time - I wonder why you have to do it via a URL and not via an option in the settings screen?

Do have an answer straight from Omni tech support. A bit of disappointment I am afraid:



Thanks for writing. I’m afraid there is not a comprehensive list of those. We are not opposed to making such a list, it’s just that many of them are troubleshooting related (such as turning on extra logging), obsolete, or could produce undesirable behavior in the app. Before we could release a list, we’d need to divert time from other projects in order to go thru and remove the ones that could cause problems, and write explanations of the behaviors the other ones controlled. We do have an existing feature request filed in the development database on doing that. I’ll add your email to that request, so the rest of the team will know you’d like to see it too.

If you have any other questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Best regards,

Theo W.
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