Convert Omni link (omnioutliner:///open?focus=......) to actual data?

I like the convenient of linking to other parts of the outline within OmniOutliner. It really saves me from duplicating the data and have it scattered all over the places. Gave me a lot of headache when editing a copy because it means that I would have to hunt down for the same copy elsewhere and edit these too when I was with another outliner (app). Now with Omni, I edit the main one that all other linked to and voila! It’s nice for OmniOutliner on Mac and iOS, but not so nice when exporting to PDF or Dynamic HTML. Which is why am wondering if it’s possible to convert these Omni Links to the actual data? This means there will be duplicates of the data, which is okay for me since I would only do that for exporting.

omnioutliner:///open?focus=… doesn’t work in PDF. Clicking on the link results in nothing. PDF doesn’t jump anywhere. For Dynamic HTML, it only works partially. If the row are collapsed, then the link is useless. It would be great if the jQuery script automatically expand the row that the link is linking to. If the row is already expanded, then jQuery will bring me there when the omni link is clicked on.

Any idea/solution?