Convert project to task?

I have rarely had occasion to do this, but it just happened and I could not figure out how it’s done. Just moving the project up or down as levels in the main outline doesn’t work – it still retains its “Project-ness” with (for example) the Parallel/Sequential/Single Action project type choices. Dragging it to the Inbox doesn’t work either.

I ended up just creating a new task and pasting my Note content into it. Is there a direct way to convert these?


I’m able to drag a project into any project and it is converted into either an action group (if the project had associated actions) or a single action within the project (if it had no actions).

It sounds as though you may have created the former, an action group, when you dragged the project. Perhaps that’s it? They retain most of the characteristics of projects.

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Thanks. I’ll try again, paying closer attention to what it is before I try to convert it. I think it was just a normal project from which I had deleted all tasks. But perhaps there were still some completed, hidden tasks attached.

Another way to do this is to drag the project to the Inbox, which can be a bit more flexible, since it works from more different views (specifically: review!)


Thanks, glyph, but (as I mentioned in the initial post) that was one of the things I tried. Hasn’t been a problem since then, but I haven’t had to do it very often. I’m just assuming it was glitch specific to that particular project.

Hmm. I missed that comment.

I re-tried a couple of times and discovered fairly inconsistent behavior on dragging things to the inbox. Sometimes nothing happens, sometimes the project just disappears (!), sometimes it does what I expect and turns into a task. I’ll do more research and try to report a bug.

Thanks glyph. Simple and working.

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