Convert subproject into single action?

I have a project and within it I had a n item that I inadvertantly set as a subproject.

I want to make that single item just a regular action within the existing project.

I’ve tried all the options I can think of but nothing works. The item gets created as a new project with no actions within it

How do I tell OF that this particular thing, that was a subproject is now just a regular action?

Does Organize > Move > Move Left work in your circumstances?

no, that converts it to a new project at the top level of my hierarchy

Would you post a quick screen shot of the issue or type and indent a list so we can see it?


My actual case is private but I can re-create the problem easily.

Here you go, the second thing is what I want a quick way yo convert to jus an action like the one shown as a regular item.

I know I can just copy and paste or re-type but this has occurred a few too many times and I’m hoping for a quicker way to fix the errors when I make them.

Presumably the subproject has item(s) within it? (Possibly dropped or completed, so viewing in Projects with View Options set to All would be recommended). You would need to change the indentation on those child items to get the group to clear.

I didn’t think it had anything under it but I found 2 dropped items. This particular project has been languishing in my system for several months and I forgot that I had initially thought the action was a project but it wasn’t. Clearing those by deleting them entirely changed the status.


So, all good?

It would be nice to be able to control what you can/cannot see by Project instead of a global setting. I have one project where I want to see completed tasks, and another where I do not. Have to change the global View options to set.

Yep I got the item converted now.

And yes, I’d agree with the option to set show all or remaining on a project by project basis.

May not be necessarily be preferable to Projects, but custom perspectives are good for this sort of thing. Could have a rule set like this:

  • Any:
    • Availability: Remaining (or whatever you want the default to be)
    • Contained within project or folder: Project You Want to Show Everything On
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Ah. That would be a reason for getting the Prof version; I just bought the standard to make sure it was a viable product before putting real ca$h into it.

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