Converting multiple uppercase rows to lowercase simultaneously?

Is there a way to accomplish this in OmniOutliner? It is such a pain of having to go row by row and converting topics from upper case to lower case. I would greatly appreciate if someone can share a script or any solution if this feature is possible. Thank you a bunch

Sorry for the late reply to this - in case it’s helpful, there’s a free app called WordService available on the app store which will help with tasks like this. It’s from the fine folks at Devon Technologies.

The commands it provides aren’t specific to OmniOutliner, though - once WordService is installed, you can activate the text manipulations it offers in System Preferences. At that point, they should be available in most of the apps you use.

(One clarification: WordService will select a multiple-row selection in OO - but it produces new rows with the all-caps text rather than replacing the text inside the existing rows. Hit save and realized I should mention that.)

Ty I really appreciate it but, not only it creates new rows but also new columns, it really complicates things i na large project. it takes more work merging the rows and columns and it gets even more cumbersome when your row is a main topic/parent of that row. This is not a good solution. Either way thank you for the effort, I really appreciate it.

actually your case scenario applies only to rows that have no children. That is still a good workflow addition.