Copy father but not child?

Is it possible to copy a father/mother bullet point without copying the child?

Just tried a couple attempts using Copy and Duplicate but each time it got all the Children. Maybe only way is to select the text and create new?

It seems you would like to copy the topic text from selection. This would do it, I think:

Copy this code and paste it in a file with .omnioutlinerjs extension.

	"type": "action",
	"author": "unlocked2412",
	"version": "0.1",
	"description": "A single-file plug-in.",
// Twitter: @unlocked2412
(() =>
        new PlugIn.Action(selection => {
            // OMNI JS CODE ---------------------------------------
            const omniJSContext = () => {
                const main = () => {
                        editor = document.editors[0]

                    Pasteboard.general.string = editor.selection.items[0].topic

                return main()

            return omniJSContext()
        }), {
            validate: selection => true
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You can just collapse the parent if you don’t want the children copied

Still copied the children when I tried it. Are you just using plain Copy and Paste?

Couldn’t you just outdent the child and break the connection? Then move or copy the parent.

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Really good work-around. Thanks.