Copy from OF to OO without link

I’m trying to copy tasks from OF to OO but they all have links back to OF (in blue color) - is there a way to get rid of these links and paste only plain-text?

I’m finding this frustrating as well but with other, web browser links. It didn’t come up in OO4 as that version had ‘Paste and Match Style’ (⌘⌥⇧-V). That menu command doesn’t seem to have come along with OO5 however, which instead has ‘Paste with Original Style’.

I’d like to see both commands available.


Doesn’t ‘Paste’ do the same as the old ‘Paste and Match Style’ ?

Though I was puzzled the first time, I now think it’s clearer than the old way.


Unfortunately the results are not identical in all cases. In many, they are, but not in all. For example, here I have selected and copied the title and blurb of an Ars Technica story…

Here’s what I get when I paste the selection into each version…

I don’t understand exactly how they determine what to deliver but it seems that complex content will often retain links while simple content will often not. As an aside, if from within OO5 I ‘remove link’ from the two links, the links will be removed but the text will retain its underline, in blue. If I then copy and paste that into a new row, it will be the standard black text. It’s kind of weird though because it seems the behaviour after removing the links is inconsistent.

And of course, using henders’ OF example, here is an OF2 item pasted into the two versions…

NB In all cases, for OO4 I used ‘Paste and Match Style’, for OO5 I used ‘Paste’. I used the ‘blank’ template for both docs.