Copy from Omnifocus Pro to OO5 Basic on Mac without the links

I’m on Mac trying to copy all items from a project to OO 5 Basic - but it comes with links and doesn’t understand hierarchy.

Here is what I’m doing:

  • in OF, press command-f to focus on this project
  • click at the headline of the project, press command-a to select all and press command-c to copy
  • come to oo, select a blank template and the mouse cursor is clickiing on the first line - press comman-v to paste.


You can use this script to accomplish what you want. Take note that it doesn’t preserve completion status (completed tasks appear as unchecked in OmniOutliner).
Export View to OmniOutliner

P.D.: Apparently, there is no way to copy from OmniFocus into OmniOutliner preserving the hierarchy.

Thanks, tried that and get error "OmniOutliner got an error: Scripting OmniOutliner is a Pro feature. " My setup is OF Pro and OO5 Basic.


Sorry. You are right. Scripting is a Pro feature.
There is another solution. Maybe not as elegante because task notes become rows in OO 5.
The steps are:

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