Copy multiple calendar items from clipboard to variable?

I am not an AppleScript programmer. I use a script cobbled together from the works of other programmers.

The script used to work like this: I selected several items in iCal/Calendar, and copied them onto the clipboard. Then I activated the applescript, which contained this command:

set strClip to (text of ((the clipboard) as record)) as string

The variable strClip would then contain a string of a list of all the items I copied onto the clipboard.

After I updated to Yosemite, this command results in the string only containing a single item from the clipboard.
How should I revise the command so that it will retain all the data from the clipboard as individual records?

Thank you in advance for any help.

Apparently, this is a bug in AppleScript that Apple has yet to fix. I made a clunky workaround to paste and copy the clipboard into a text-only app like Text Edit. That converts the clipboard into plain text, and the script can handle that.