Copy perspectives from mac


Is there a way to (after purchasing a pro version for iPhone) copy perspectives from Mac so that I don’t have to do it manually and then change on both devices if I want to make a change to a perspective?


Easiest way is to use their sync service. Have you ruled this out for some reason?


Hey Matt, thanks for response. To be honest I haven’t purchased Omni Pro for iPhone yet, does this mean when I do so, the perspectives will sync automatically?


Yes, they sync. Custom perspectives is a pro feature on both so if you have pro on one and not the other you don’t get it. That’s actually what I was doing for a long time, thinking I didn’t “need” custom perspectives on the iPhone, but actually having them on both platforms helped me incorporate them into my regular workflow. I think if you like custom perspectives, and use both platforms, it’s worth getting Pro on both.