Copy Setup to New Mac?


Probably a silly question, but I’ve played around with this and searched the forums, and I can’t find an answer, so figured I’d see if anyone else figured it out…

I just bought a new Mac, and I’m trying to set it up ‘clean’ rather than just copy over years of old files and applications by restoring a backup. I downloaded a fresh copy of OmniFocus 3, logged into my OmniSync account, and all my tasks, projects, and preferences showed right up. However, all my ‘setup’ - items in the menu bars, and probably other settings as well, didn’t come over with the data. I also tried copying the latest backup from the old computer and restoring that, but it looked the same as the sync’d data. Does anyone know if there is a preferences file (or anything else) that can be copied over to duplicate the setup, or do I just need to put the two machines side by side and try and replicate it as best I can?


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