Copy shape and connections


I am drawing a neural network diagram - so I have 12 boxes that represent data, and I have 1 circle that represents the neuron. I’ve connected all 12 boxes to the circle using the connector tool and it looks as I expect.

Now I’d like to replicate that circle and all 12 lines with the connections to the 12 boxes. At the moment, if I select the circle and the lines I can copy them but it doesn’t connect them to the boxes - I need to reconnect them manually. Is there a way to avoid this i.e. when I copy the circle and lines it retains the connection to the boxes?

And I’m using OmniGraffle-7.8.x



Hi David,

There are several methods to duplicate connected graphics to create diagrams. If I’m understanding what you are trying to achieve properly, the Diagram Tool might be the best choice. Read the section “Rapidly Creating Structure with the Diagram Tool” at for a summary of what is possible.

The other method is using the Outline Sidebar which you can read about at under the heading “Creating Objects in the Sidebar’s Outline Tab”.