Copying a Project “Template” to a Specific Folder

I’ve created a nice little project with a list of tasks I have to complete every time a person leaves our company. When I’m on a Mac I simply copy this template project and paste it in to a ‘production folder’ I have. In this folder I just rename the “Employee Termination” project to “John Doe Termination”.

It is easy to copy on a Mac, but with iPad OS all I can ever paste is a link to the template project. In iPad OS how do I copy a project and its steps under it to a new location?


Easiest solution: on iOS/iPadOS I can think of is to use a shortcut:

To prepare it you export the project you usually copy / paste to taskpaper format (from omnifocus -> export to taskpaper)

make sure the settings displayed are to your liking, paste it into the textfield, and when you run the shortcut it should ask you where you want to add the project

OF export on iOS is a bit weird, exports everything twice + links to the project.
Just delete the surplus and you should be fine.

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