Copying or resurrecting a completed project

I have some small projects that recur occasionally. Rather than re-creating the project and all of its tasks, it would be nice if there were a way to find the old project and copy it. I am new to OmniFocus, so maybe there is a way to do this, but it’s not obvious to me.


You can right click on the project and select “duplicate” and you’ll get an exact duplicate (down to the project and item status).

The way most people do this that have projects that recur is to create “template” projects in a folder they don’t use in their default perspectives, and then duplicate them and move them into the “sphere of things I pay attention to” at that time. It’s a workable solution, if not exactly elegant.

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I use the templates folder approach. Of note, you can also set the templates’ status to On Hold so they don’t show up elsewhere as available actions. Then you just duplicate, change the status and move to the appropriate place.

You can also set projects to repeat, if they recur on a defined schedule. I haven’t used this as much, but hoping to try it for some projects.


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