Could the Project/Context field under the Title act like a clickable link?


I was wondering if the Project/Context listing under title could be modified so that it could be clicked to focus on the Context or Project listed. Right now it is just editable text, and I keep wanting to click it to go to the related project/context.

Right now the only way to view the related context is by selecting the item and clicking on the “go to” button in the inspector. This isn’t very intuitive for me since I have to move my cursor from the task item all the way over to the inspector and to click the button and then back again to work in my task list.

Any reason why this wouldn’t work? You already have the “change value” selector far enough from the Project/Context that I can’t imagine hitting one or the other accidentally…

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If you haven’t already, try using the new “Quick Open” feature a few times in these situations. Is that any better for you?

Not really, but I did just find the “Show in Projects”/“Show in Contexts” menu items when you right click a task. These will work perfectly for my purposes.

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And with today’s build, CMD-OPT-R should also flip back and forth between showing contexts / projects. There is another thread (re:keyboard shortcuts) where Ken added that tip.