Crashes after editing any item and pressing "Done" on the keyboard

I’m currently using OmniFocus 2 for iPhone and OmniFocus 2 for iPad on the new iOS 8.0.

I find that every time I try to edit an existing item, it will crash instantly after pressing the “Done” button on the keyboard. But if I choose to tap the “Inbox” or “Forecast” button to return to the list instead of the “Done” button after editing, it won’t crash anyway. I’ve tried multiple times, and this bug occurred all the time. I also tried to switch to my own WebDAV server or redownload it from App Store, but nothing helps.

I guess it might be a compatibility issue with the input method of iOS 8.0. This bug appears on both my iPhone and iPad, so I think it is not a unique one.

I just downloaded them after upgrading to iOS 8.0 yesterday, so the versions should be the newest.

Looking for your help, thanks