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Help! I would like to modify a “Morning” tag so that all items tagged Morning only appear during the hours 6:00a to 12:00p, and disappear when this interval has passed. Also, I would like the items to reappear the next day at the same time if I didn’t complete them. Is this possible?

Not out of the box no…

You may be able to do it via omni automation, ie every morning at 6am (or when the computer starts whichever is later) change morning tag status to active, at midday set it to inactive.

You are going to need that tag display in any custom perspective you have to handle daily tasks.

As @TheOldDesigner suggests, this is possible using Omni Automation.

I’m doing this using my ‘Defer Tags’ plugin using a repeating ‘scheduling’ task (with the help of Keyboard Maestro, but anything that can run an AppleScript on a schedule would work). If you want to give it a try, hopefully the instructions at the link are clear - but if not give me a yell and I’d be happy to help.

Of course, that might be overkill for what you need - you could also write a snippet of code that’s specific to just that tag.

Thanks for the help

Will try that. Thank you

Tried to use plugin but was confused by instructions. I installed the plug-in and tried to use it like other OF plugins. I have no output. Do you have a more detailed step-by-step guide?

Sure! To do what you’re after:

  1. Download and install the plugin.

  2. Create the ‘Morning’ tag you want to use (if you haven’t already). You’ll probably want to set this on hold manually if the morning has already passed.

  3. Select Defer Tag -> Show Scheduler Project in the Automation menu.

  4. Create a task in this project named ‘AVAILABLE at 6am daily’ with a defer date of 6am tomorrow, set to repeat daily. Make sure you don’t have any notifications set. Tag it with your ‘Morning’ tag.

  5. Create a task in this project named ‘DEFERRED from 12pm daily’ with a defer date of 12pm today/tomorrow (whichever hasn’t passed yet), set to repeat daily. Make sure you don’t have any notifications set. Tag it with your ‘Morning’ tag.

  6. You can now go to Defer Tag -> Hide Scheduler Project.

  7. You will also need to run the ‘Defer Tag -> Update Timed Tags’ action at regular intervals. One of the best ways to do this is using Keyboard Maestro - I’ve now added a Keyboard Maestro macro file to the .zip folder that you download, so you should just be able to double click this to install.

Let me know if you run into any issues! :-)

Why not just save some views on tags

  • Morning
  • Afternoon
  • Evening
  • All Day

and the n just save the view to be Morning + All Day, Afternoon + All Day, Evening + All Day and then just switch at certain times the view.

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