Create a new perspective that filter by specific context

I try to create a new perspective that filter by specific context. but it didn’t work …

I select one of the contexts in sidebar selection, but the new perspective still unchanged.

where did I go wrong ?

Do you have the waiting context set to on hold? Perhaps setting filter to remaining or something else besides available may work?

hi, wilsongg! I setting status of all items as active

I recorded a video that content is step of setting perspective

maybe you can see the error!

Finally, thank you again

It’s not possible. Check out the last few posts in this thread for workaround ideas. Perspective that filters by contexts?

My opinion is that Sidebar Selection is good enough, though, because it means whenever you open the perspective you’ll see the available actions in the context you’re trying to filter for. You’ll still see the other contexts in the list, but the list of tasks will be focused.