Create an Activity Set?

I’m fairly new with OF, so excuse me if this seems super easy…

I’d like to setup an ‘activity set’ (a task template of sorts). I’m a musician… when I schedule a performance, I’d like to generate a task series based on the date of the performance - example…
Event confirmed (day 1) - Email fans - tickets available
14 days before event - post event on Facebook
7 days before event - email reminder of concert
3 days before event - Email more info/tickets
1 day before event - post to Facebook
Day after show - Post photos to Facebook

Thanks for any help… OF2 has me feeling like Superman :)

This sounds like a job for the most awesome templates script by Chris Sauve.


Thanks Splinky… I wish there were an easier way to accomplish this. I’m not sure I have the ‘goods’ to implement an AppleScript, but I guess I’ll give it a shot. I’ll report back with the results… wish me luck!


So here’s what I’ve found… the template script by Chris Sauve was a great resource (thanks Splinky!). I’ve created a template series for my concerts/events using his scripts. I’m able to setup the start and due dates based on when the event occurs. This triggers the entire task series properly. However, all the tasks show up as “due” at the same time - so I still haven’t figured out how to defer the individual tasks in the series. I’ve sent Chris an email and hoping he can steer me the right way…

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I think You are searching for the “ask” variable settings… This would give You the option to freely pick the date

Using Date Variables: if you declared date variables in the project note, you can use them in any task or project start/ due date (with additional date math, if you wish). For example, start: $dateVariable will set the start date to $dateVariable (if it is declared), while due: $dateVariable + 2w will set the due date to the date of $dateVariable plus 2 weeks.
ask: the last option is to use the keyword ask. This will get the script to prompt you for the date. For example, setting the note of the project to have both start: ask and due: ask (on separate lines) will make the script prompt you for a start and a due date (using the same relative/ absolute dates as before).

This templates thingy is really powerful- I’ll need to have another look at the functionality of it, thanks guys for bringing this gem backk to attention ;-)

I do this the Old School way, and have a paused project I use as a template. I just copy and paste when I need to use it. Obviously you’d need to modify the dates each time.