Create New Action Not Working

When I try to create a new action in my “Flagged and Due” (Today) Perspective by either choosing New Action from the FIle Menu, hitting Cmd N or hitting return key, nothing happens

Same thing.

Fixed the issue with “Have You Tried Turning It Off And On Again?”.


  1. Sync with cloud
  2. Create a backup (export)
  3. Make a complete delete of OF2 (used AppCleaner for that)
  4. Create a clean installation of OF2
  5. Sync back with cloud
  6. PROFIT!

I think problem was in the upgrade from OF1 to OF2 process. Probably some stuff responsible for keyboard shortcut interception stayed from the prev version.

Is there a better fix for this bug? Shouldn’t have to be a developer or use a third party app to fix a crucial piece of functionality like this. Thanks.