Create Omnifocus in s specific project subfolder via drafts?

Hi all

i tried on the drafts forum but then realised its probably a better fit here… :)

im trying as the title says to quick create an Omnifocus task in a specific project subfolder

ie here in Projects>Home>Garden

so far with help from draft users i got to this


but i still get an error:

Invalid URL in generated by CallbackURL step template.

anyone has any clue?



im also referring to the drafts forum discussion where we cant seem to still solve this

currently i have this


which opens up a capture Omnifocus window instead of actually creating a task in the home/garden project/folder

any help would be greatly appreciated!



It’s easy to do via shortcuts can you just not call the shortcut from drafts?

thx @TheOldDesigner, im looking mainly for a solution on the mac and that’s why i ignored shortcuts so far :D would be great if it worked on both iOS and Mac and that’s why i tried the URL scheme route



managed the solve it with the help of the incredible @rosemaryjayne on #slack

this is the final version that works if anyone is interested



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