Create Support Note - Colter Reed

I’m looking for the Applescript that I saw Colter Reed use on Lear OmniFocus. He had a button on his menu bar that, when clicked, would create an Evernote note with the link to the OF task and vise versa.

Where can I get a copy of the script? Also, how can I go about creating the Evernote icon like Colter had.


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You can get the script here.

The icon is just the Evernote app icon. Copy and paste the icon using the File Info dialog. OmniFocus will automatically use it for the toolbar button’s icon.

I hope this helps!


Thanks a million. Love your blogs.

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Tried to install Support Note script in OF and got this error message. Can someone help me decipher this? Thank you.

Open script in Script Editor and update the first stroke. It should be the notebook name from your Evernote.