Creating a "Done Today" Perspective

After listening to the latest Omni Show podcast episode with Morten Røvik, I wanted to create the “Done Today” perspective he mentions he uses (around the 24’ mark). But I’m unable to filter the list of completed items to just the ones completed on the current day. Does anyone have any idea how that’s done?

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Custom perspectives do not support filtering on date ranges. You can group and sort by completed date, then the most recent actions will be at the top. The built-in ‘Completed’ perspective is set up this way by default.

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This is exactly what drives me nuts about OF. You look at what you can do in perspectives, and it is insanely specific. All kinds of filter rules, but not the ones you need. Almost 100% of the time.

The product would immediately increase 10x in value if you could just create your own freaking “SQL” statement. “SELECT blah FROM actions WHERE blah, GROUP BY blah, SORT BY blah, FILTER BY blah.”

I read through these forums and the vast majority of issues people have would be solved if Omni would just let us run queries on our data instead of presenting us with a crazy useless set of stuff we are allowed to query as in this menu. I can count about 3-5 of these menu items that I’ve ever used.

OF is too rigid for its own good.

Now, I’m all for providing guidance and even “task manager style sheets” for novices. Don’t confront everybody with having to learn queries, obviously. Let them chose whatever style fits them. But let power users run their own queries, please.


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