Creating a new archive

Is it possible to create a new archive - for example - to keep data form each year apart?
My Archive has become very big and i would like to starte a new archive with new settings.
I would like to keep all the archives.

Sure. My recommendation is that you first quit Omnifocus. Then simply locate the file Archive.ofocus-archive, move it to another location, and rename it to whatever you like that has the suffix ”.ofocus” (delete the part ”-archive” from the file name). You have now turned your old archive into a normal Omnifocus database that you can open by double-clicking it. Omnifocus will automatically create a new archive the next time you move old data to archive.


Thank you very much for your help. I have problems to find the archive.focus-archive file. The only one I can find is named: “OmniFocus 2016-01-07 151333 before archive.focus-backup.” I moved some data to the archive yesterday, so I think it might be the archive file.

Hi there! That file isn’t the archive itself, but is a backup that OmniFocus automatically took of your database right before archiving your data. (The program does this in the unlikely event that there’s a problem during archiving, so you can recover your data safely.)

Usually, the archive lives right alongside the main OmniFocus database – up one level from where the backups are stored. If you can find your main database file (named OmniFocus.ofocus), you can find the archive right next to it. Hope that helps!


It may sound ridiculous, but I could not find the OmniFocus database and the database of the archive, when I searched for it using “Finder”. I only found the backups. ( OF2 Version from the Mac App Store. )
I could only find it by going down all the path “by hand” as you see below : ~/Library/Containers/com.omnigroup.OmniFocus2.MacAppStore/Data/Library/Application Support/OmniFocus/
Is my database a sort of “hidden file”? I would like to change this so that I can find the databases by searching them in the finder.

Thank you very much for your advise so far.

Sorry, I should have been more specific in my original answer. This was apparently a bit tricky, as the file Archive.ofocus-archive is considered a system file, not intended for users to normally deal with. If you perform a search where you include system files, you should find it. Just ask again if anything is unclear.

Now, everything went perfectly well - thank you very much for your help.

Command-click on the name of your open OmniFocus window (Perspective window). That shows the directory structure. Go to the OmniFocus directory level at that menu. Quit OmniFocus. Archive the existing OmniFocus archive (to store it in a ZIP file). Delete the existing OmniFocus archive file. Reopen OmniFocus.



Ah - nice alternative!