Creating a Resistance/Procrastination Indicator for each Task

I’ve been using OOPro as a task manager temporarily as it allow me to create a column where I can indicate my proneness to procrastinate or resist a task.

I was wondering if there is a way to do this in OF2 perhaps using the Context field which I never use. Can one sort by Context in the Today view?


Consider creating a context called “avoiding” (or whatever name makes most sense to you). Assuming you’re using the Pro edition of OmniFocus 2 for Mac, you could create a custom perspective that shows all available actions grouped by context. You could even have a custom perspective called “Procrastinating” that shows all available tasks that you’re avoiding…and maybe make a game out of completing a few tasks from this list each day.

On a side note, it might also be useful to take a moment to look at why you’re putting off these tasks in the first place. Sometimes procrastination shows up in cases where tasks aren’t clearly defined, or needs to be broken down into multiple, more specific tasks.

Thanks!. This is useful. I also forgot about the flag function.

You’re very welcome. Good to hear this was useful!