Creating Cash Flow

I´m new to Omniplan and still enjoying task creation; I work with several projects and need to report Cash Flow to board. Is there a way to create this report on a total monthly cost basis?

@jespinosa OmniPlan does not currently offer monthly cost reporting, sorry! I’ll add your interest to our open feature request for this functionality so that the rest of the team knows this would be helpful in your workflow.

Going to bump this one. All our projects (construction industry) span months and years. Working out a program flow isn’t the goal - working out a program AND being able to afford it is the goal.

Currently we need to manually estimate and calculate resource time and cost data from OmniPlan back into a spreadsheet to do this. On projects with many resources and a long duration this is obviously not ideal.

All the info we need is in OmniPlan - there’s just no way to report it by the current look of things.

Thanks for your feedback! Are you hoping to be able to report cost per resource for a specific increment of time?

Yes, exactly!

Thanks! I’m afraid I don’t have a workaround to suggest for the time being, but it’s really helpful to know what specifically you’d like to be able to do.