Creating music notation stencils

(At the moment this relates to OmniGraffle for ipad. If the only way to do this is on the Mac version, then I’ll look at purchasing that).

Below is an image of something I created in Grafio. It’s not bad, but I don’t have the control over the results that I’d like, and I’d like to try making the same thing in OmniGraffle for iPad (which I also have), if it’s possible.

My process was to create stencils for the individual notes from circles and lines grouped together and then saved as stencils. Then I created a stave and did the same thing. At this point I could put the rhythm and pitch patterns together and group them again. Then I resized the whole lot to fit on an A4 sheet.
I can create the elements by drawing, sizing and grouping in OG,but resizing the resulting group goes awry - the elements don’t stay together. Presumably if I save a note as a stencil then that should resize as a unit (I hope!), but I can’t find how to save a group as a stencil in the manual.
The better thing to do might be to create the stencils in something like Intaglio Sketchpad (iPad) where I can convert the figure to paths, but then how would I turn that into a stencil and then get it into OG for ipad?

Is this do-able?

Let me just say that I don’t have OG for iPad so I’m not sure if this solution is possible on the iPad. But for resizing the elements to fit a A4 page on the mac, you can right-click and choose copy as -> pdf. When you paste the copied element you can resize them as you wish.

Hi, hopefully I am not going too off-topic here, but reading the way you approach music notation and the desire to make stencils on the basis of it, perhaps you´d allow me to bring to your attention the video’s made by Smalin, in which music notations are literally animated: